Wednesday, March 5, 2008

sacred cows- sindo style

in last weekends sindo they had a series of articles under the above heading. one by declan lynch had a cut at the irish times. now for the record i like the times ( and am thus obviously a snooty elitist ) and have an instinctual suspicion of lynch due to his regular cuts at the gaa, and his avowed championing of sitting in dublin pubs in high summer, cheering on liverpool loud enough so the backwoodsman allotted to another part of the pub watching hurling & football, can hear him.

nonetheless it was an extremely odd missive. firstly, he obviously never reads publications such as the dubliner magazine & phoenix who are nibbling on "madam's" pub in virtually every issue. even such as the tribune & the business post, who would attract many of same readers love to take the occasional swipe. secondly we naturally can accept the bona fides of an independant newspapers journalist that he offers constructive criticism, rather than being part of the usual indo campaign to namecall those who deign to stay outside their tent.

live & let live declan. some people ( an increasing number by the latest figures ) actually like a newspaper to be serious. others like it to be a paper version of XPOSE! there should be room for all of us. then again if you dont want us in the snug with you watching liverpool v derby, i imagine we'll live.

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