Saturday, March 15, 2008

humanists & humanity

this blogger formerly went out with an atheist who claimed, which i found very dubious, that she knew there wasn't a god. however she and her family put virtually every else i know to shame, in this breakneck modern world, in regard to the voluntary work they do for society. i thought of them when i saw a recent issue of Hot Press where renowned songwriter John Waters said the following;

" I have been in debates with many atheists and most of them are actually deeply unpleasant individuals................. to actually believe requires................ emotional intelligence, intuitive intelligence, creative intelligence.

Now possibly the bould John, who inexplicably lives amongst his decadent cultural inferiors in Dalkey, had a run in with Richard Dawkins, who wouldn't be a great salesman for atheistic modesty. Yet his verbosity in accusing atheists of arrogance ( if such language was used against single fathers he'd probably spontaneously combust ) was quite the most impressive example of pot calling kettle black in some time.

The clinging to intuitive intelligence is also an impressive canard when you know you can't rely on the facts to back you up in a debate, and was possibly picked up from his Late Late partner in crime Eoghan Harris. Another in this school is Derek Fanning, who in a recent Magill article about the Taoiseach's travails stated that "his intuitive compass" told him that the Taoiseach is a good person.

Would that us mortals were so well fixed intuitive- wise! Who needs book learning and reading tribunal transcripts when your gut tells you all you need to know.

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