Monday, March 10, 2008

bad news bearers

matt cooper and the last word appear to be fighting a running battle with their listenership re the depressing topics they cover on the show. text messager after text messager assail the show for talking about the declining economy and want more positive stories broadcast. im presuming naturally that cooper and his staff are scanning the newswires for missives of kittens rescued from treetops or anything to do with fluffy Bunny's, but in the interim hes stuck with passing on the harsh Newtonian reality re the property market; that what goes up, must come down.

he actually slightly lost his temper one evening, when covering the taoiseachs evidence to the tribunal, insisting to irate texters bored with the events from dublin castle, that it was an issue of public concern.

all very curious. a journalist friend of mine suspects the government press office is suffering from an itchy texting finger at the moment.

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