Monday, March 10, 2008

paddy powers week

its cheltenham week and im pretty excited. an intriguing champion hurdle, kauto v denman etc. whats different about this scribbler is that although i will likely have a few bets, i could quite easily have given up gambling for lent. its not to be gainsayed & is a fact of life, but a martian coming down for the week would find the interlocking of racing and betting fascinating. for example on newstalk sport of a night, the racing coverage is always introduced along the lines of " lets try and win a bit of money for you for the weekend". conversely although gambling on football has gone through the roof in recent years, previews of a man. utd. v liverpool tussle are never introduced with something like "steven gerrard is attractively overpriced to be first goalscorer".

on the odd occasion that someone rings me when im in a betting shop, im sheepish about admitting to my location, as you always get the impression that the reasoning that there's a tasty novice chase at sandown won't be accepted as kosher. when i was racing with a friend recently, he commented that it was curious how little i bet, yet the same would never enquire whether i had money riding on a gaa match

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