Wednesday, March 5, 2008

public service broadcasting and chelsea

with declans faves resting tonight; so do rte. it seems as if the public broadcasting remit doesnt cover showing chelsea. ( or heaven forbid the likes of the real madrid ) so the public service remit it appears isnt to educate viewers by showing the cream of european football. rather the credo is that less ratings when manyoo & liverpool are in repose means csi miami looms into view. ( who's the more ludicrous figure; david caruso or avram grant? )

and so the montrose schizophrenic dance goes on! eamonn ryan, in the week of the release of the stations salaries, is talking tough about the broadcasting of extra home made product. in fairness the advertising rates which the late late show can charge are astronomical. the counter argument is that a stuffed animal could present the late late, insert obvious joke..........

a solution could be to try an idea from american football. putting it in simplistic terms if a team wants to keep a certain type of free agent they have to offer the same salary as a competitor. thus if rte wants to pay marion finucane 450,000 grand another station will have to offer her that amount.

not a chance of it happening though!

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