Sunday, April 13, 2008

john gormley & the importance of a seat at the politburo!

the fact that the Green's leader has got into a spat with the august Chinese government this weekend has settled something in the mind of this confused blogger. previously i wondered that since the party have so completely cast off the ethical principles that underpinned their credo pre the '07 election, there must be something truly of global import behind this. perhaps in increasing the usage of renewable energies, and making changes in car taxation, the greens were trying to dampen down an out of control emerging behemoth economy like china's. if they were, it could be that their actions may strike a positive blow against global warming.

but oddly it actually transpires that john gormley isnt in power in bejing, but is only the minister for the environment in a country of four million people, and that the discarding of much of what he previously held dear, will actually change sweet diddly squat in macro terms. it couldn't be that the party leadership has a little messianic complex could it? or maybe like normal politicians in "civil war" parties they saw an opportunity for personal aggrandisement ( government ) and ran with it.

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