Sunday, April 27, 2008

the devil's music ( the honky version )

hilarious little bit in village magazine recently by harry browne about music programmes on lyric fm. whilst praising ( rightly ) the jk ensemble, harry had a dig at gay byrne's sunday serenade. gay's main fault was, wait for it, playing jazz that was, well, too white. gay unsuprisingly, being a man of advancing years never took "political correctness 101" which browne has obviously passed with flying colours.

i look forward, in the interests of balance, to browne's cut at d.j's on black u.s stations for not playing enough britpop!

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pathat said...

Me,I love the rap music. With such artists as Vanilla Ice and House of Pain how can you go wrong? Now Eminem , I am not so sure has to question his purity.