Sunday, April 27, 2008

adult peer pressure

the cheerleaders of property purchase haven't gone away you know. in one of his frequent esoteric contributions, the leader of the seanad donie cassidy informed that he felt it was incumbent on someone with his experience to tell young people that there is terrific value to be had in the housing market. you might think that uneasiness in the international economy and the drastically changed policies in the lending institutions would instruct our elected representatives that, if the game is not quite up, than at least it has to be put into abeyance for a time. donie's pleadings couldn't be a sign that, because of varying factors, the economy was allowed become incredibly dependant on construction, could it?

the law also in the last few "goldrush years" became an unwelcome irritant to progress. the dail recently debated the refusal of the outgoing minister for finance to close loopholes that allowed builders to avoid huge amounts of stamp duty in recent years. it was seen as politically prudent for the wheels to be kept firmly on the wagon and for the coffers to be deprived.

one of the least talked about public phenomenons of this decade has been that many purchasers have bought title to new property where corners have been cut in providing satisfactory title to new homes. purchasers solicitors know that if they raised too many awkward questions they would be informed that there were plenty of people in the queue under the property ladder only too happy to take their clients place. the existence of this foreboding staighre made purchasers very intolerant of any problems associated to the purchase of their dream home. in all this the law society have been nero like, throwing their arms up in horror at some of the practices, and informing purchasers that they shouldn't accept unfair provisions, whilst in practice doing very little to aid the situation, since a raft of provisions were declared illegal by the high court around 2001.

it may unfortunately be only when these homes start to be sold on in bulk down the track that the fun will really start.

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