Sunday, April 27, 2008

crying because so much dislike is welling up

awful lot of crying going on by rampantly macho men recently. john waters broke down crying when that star in our firmament katy french died. more recently eoghan harris bawled when bertie defended grainne carruth's honour. from memory bertie seemed miffed when ms carruth was taken away from her children by the tribunal on easter thursday ( is that supposed to be a day of rest or something? maybe the taoiseach should blame inadequate child care! )

crying and talking about the act has now become a badge of pride for the erstwhile contributors of the late late. its not enough to break down in tears because of your feelings & beliefs, you have to also tell the world. for you see eoghan & john just feel so deeply & profoundly about their feelings ( mostly about hating "dublin 4 liberals" ) that not to cry would be cheating themselves, and putting an inconvenient veil over their self-righteousness.

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